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Little Angels

The Little Angels School for Nursery and Primary was founded in June 1999 as an offshoot of Little Drops. Read More

Vocational Rehabilitation Centres

This was started on 21 April 2000, with a tailoring unit in ‘Little Drops’ campus, to equip women in distress Read More

Clinical Lab

The lab was started on 14 April 2003, on the main Little Drops Campus, to help both the elders in the Home and the villagers Read More

Trash and Treasure

Trash and Treasure was started in October 2001, where used & usable articles, donated to the trust are sold in aid of the various projects Read More

Community College

This offers courses such as Health Assistant, DTP, tailoring, carpentry Read More

Little Drops - Vikram House, Somamangalam village

"Little Drops - Vikram House, located in Somamangalam village outside Chennai, India, was built in memory of and dedicated to the vision of our son Vikram George Subramanyam (9/4/91 - 2/22/98), who even in his young years longed for all people to have a comfortable home to live in. Vikram questioned why there were people who did not have the same comfortable life he had, so his goal was to study hard and become a scientist and find cures.

Vikram always said “I’ll make a lot of money and build homes for all the poor people” and when he said this with so much passion he would stress on the word “ALL”. Because this meant so much to him.

Vikram loved nature and we were happy to find 6 acres of beautiful land with many mango, guava and coconut trees to build Vikram House in 2004. Vikram House provides care to about 370 destitute and abandoned men and women and is part of the Little Drops ministry run by Mr. Edgar Paul and Mr. Selvaraj Boaz.

This facility also provides quality education at the Little Angels School, which is headed by Mrs. Sheila Paul for over 350 disadvantaged children who otherwise would not be able to attend school.

We are grateful to Ravi Zacharias International Ministries ( RZIM) for supporting us financially, and all other well wishers who have been supporting us to make Vikram’s vision a reality.

- Anila and Kalyan Subramanyam